Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book an Outdoor Photo Shoot Session Now!

Autumn is the perfect time to do outdoor photo shoot sessions, in my opinion. The sun is not too bright, so the lighting conditions are perfect. The weather is nice and cool, so you can dress your kids up in cute little coats and not worry about melting in the sun whilst you're out posing for photos with your family. There's also more lush green in the park, not the dry, dying plants we see during summer.

Before it gets too cold to bear, book your next outdoor photo shoot session now! Email or message me on Facebook or call 0422 284 993 to book it in! Outdoor photo shoot sessions are applicable for the Standard and Ultimate Photo Shoot Packages, please see my Price List Page for full Terms and Conditions.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Koby and Kyran

I didn't waste a lot of time after getting over my sickness and setting up my studio, been busy with a couple of baby and toddler photo shoots - here are photos of Koby (6 months) and Kyran (23 months)!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Studio, Clouds, Donkey, Monkey.

 Okay so this is not the best facial expression my little boy has shown the world, but he is my little cheeky monkey riding his donkey so I love it, haha. 

 In fact, the only time I seem to be able to get him to pose for me is when he is sitting on the rocking donkey. For some reason, donkey makes him really happy...

Oh and the guitar....

We've had a couple of days off just staying at home and being sick (we're all good now) - I spent the first two days just feeling sorry for myself and letting Micah watch far too much TV..... but by the 3rd day I had a bit of energy so I worked on my new studio! Hubby of course built me my tall backdrop frame for Mother's Day, which I then used to partition our dining area and create my own little "studio corner". It works really well! Directly facing a window too so great lighting for portrait shots.

 Then I decided to get a Clouds wallpaper to cover up the ugly wall next to my backdrop, make my studio feel a little bit cosier - and again, it works really well! I did not do the best job at putting up the wallpaper, unfortunately it has lines so probably not going to use it as a backdrop much, but with the right positioning and perhaps some blurring it may be doable....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Mummy Makeover" Family Photo Shoot - Great Gift Idea for Mother's Day!

Meet Leah. She is the mother of 10 month old twins Max and Amelia. If you are a first time parent, you will understand how difficult it is to look after just one child... let alone two! Who has time to glam up these days, babies always come first.

Which is why you, yes you, mother of your child / children, should treat yourself to a glamorous Mummy Makeover Family Photo Shoot Session brought to you by Kimba's Photography and Dulcelissa. No need to worry about looking pretty before rocking up, just let Mel from Dulcelissa do her job and transform you into a Glam Mumma! The makeup session will only take 45 minutes and you can also opt for a basic straightening / curling of your hair to complete your amazing look for your photos!

While you are getting all glammed up, your kids (must be supervised by another adult e.g. hubby, partner, friend, or grandparent) can entertain themselves at a play area to keep them happy! Ideally, it would be best if you can arrive an hour earlier than everybody else you want to include in the photos, and the rest can just come and join you when you're ready.

So what are you waiting for? Tell your partner this is what YOU want for Mother's Day. Let us take care of the rest :-)

Or if you have someone special in mind and think they deserve a Makeover Photo Shoot Session, grab a Gift Voucher which can be redeemed anytime within the next 12 months. Too easy!

Give the gift of Glam this Mother's Day - and let me help you capture photos that you will cherish for a long, long time. It's not ALL about the glam, it's about the fam..... ok, now that's a tad cheesy :p

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Updated: Price List July 2013 and Gift Vouchers

Price list updated effective 1st July 2013! I'm sure you will find there is a package to suit every budget. The best thing about my packages are that digital photos are included and provided either on a CD or download link via Dropbox! Most photographers charge $10* for a single print, and then $50* per digital photo - you get your photos all as part of your package at great value for money!

Gift Vouchers are also available for you to purchase as a gift to someone special. If you have any enquiries or would like to book a session or purchase a Gift Voucher please email or Call or SMS 0422 284 993! Terms and Conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Kimba's Photography is available to do offsite event photography at $50 per hour plus editing time. A small travel fee may apply. Minimum 2-hours will be charged. Please email with details of your event, your requirements and you will receive an obligation-free quote prior to booking.
  2. If you are opting for a Mummy Makeover package, please make sure another adult is present to supervise your child/children at the play area while you are getting your makeup and/or hair done. Alternatively, you may decide it is easier to arrive an hour earlier than the rest of your family so we can proceed to do the photo shoot once you are ready and good to go.
  3. Location for an outdoor photo shoot session (valid for Standard and Ultimate packages) is fixed to Berwick Springs Lake off Moondarra Drive, Berwick. Any special requests for an alternate location may incur a travel fee.
  4. The location for all studio photo shoots is a private residence in Berwick, and therefore will only be confirmed at the time of booking.
  5. Additional charges may apply if the session runs longer than time included in the package - e.g. Newborn photo sessions may take up to 4 hours to feed and settle baby for photo shoot.